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Make Your Own Laundry Detergent!

I know, I know… Most of my posts involve children’s activities, but once in a while I will slip in some totally random posts, because that’s how I roll. And you can actually use the following as a learning activity!! Think Measuring, mixing, following directions…. Make Your Own Laundry Detergent Yup, you read that correctly….

The Case of the Missing Underwear….

Today at school, Eric had an accident in his pants, so his teacher gave him a pair of underwear and pants to change into. Later on in the evening, I told him it was time to get his pj’s on. He ran in my room and changed his clothes. When he was done, I asked…

Cloth Diaper Detergents- Tiny Bubbles

I have spent a lot of man hours since having my son trying to perfect my laundry routine.  Lord knows I have worked at the routine I have, which involves Tide and Dawn and lots and lots and lots of rinses.  I am a big fan of The Natural Baby Co, which many of you…

The Miracle of Sun! On Cloth Diapers that is.

Up until this week I have never had a stain on any of my cloth diapers.  Then the unthinkable occurred!  I removed my diapers from the washer to put them in the dryer and I noticed 2 shells and one insert had horrible poopy stains on them.  Oh no!  I knew that sunning was supposed…

Rainy weekends, red wine and laundry

It’s a typical rainy winter weekend down here in the south pacific. Not particularly cold, but very very wet. Which, if you have someone great to spend it with, a good bottle of wine and some interesting reading material, is a very nice recipe to end a chaotic week with. (No, we haven’t had conversation…