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60 Years & Counting

Two little love birds sitting in a tree… My grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage this weekend. Can you even imagine? They met in Holland many moons ago. My grandfather was a missionary, and my grandmother had just joined the Mormon church. He replaced the missionary that had converted her family. My grandfather and his…

A Mother Knows

My daughter is getting married today. It should be a joyous occasion. I should be happy for her – but I am not. He is not the right man for her. She is not happy. He hurts her. She denies this and puts a smile on her face, but I am her mother, and a…

No, I am not married.

I hate answering questionnaires when it comes to my marital status.  The typical multiple choice answers are: single, married, divorced, widowed.  Usually I answer divorced, but that’s not really true.  While I have been divorced from Sarah & James’ dad for nearly 10 years, I am not single.  No, Neely and I are not married, but…

Coping with the Coping.

I know nothing of my husband’s life from 11pm at night until 7am in the morning. One time my dad asked how his night went and I about fell off my chair when J told him and about getting kicked in the leg because he had a double ear infection and couldn’t hear the guy…

As if you needed proof that I am a genius

On Monday there was this guy that I was living with. He was alright, bit annoying with his inability to put out the trash and unwillingness to clean the kitty litter. He was warm enough in bed, but had a tendency to steal the covers and put his cold feet on me. And, ok, fine,…

Picture of the Day: "You’re My Best Friend…"

I can say something not many people can say. I have had the same best friend for seventeen years. On my first day of kindergarten, 1992, this tall blond girl in big glasses walked up to me and said “Hi, my name is Emily, and if you’re not my friend I’ll beat you up.” (How…