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The life of a military child

I grew up as a military brat.  My dad was in the Air Force, and during Desert Storm he was gone quite a bit.  After that, he frequently TDY’d for long periods of time.  He was in the EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal), you know – the guys who get rid of bombs.  I was used…

In Honor of My Brother in Law

My Brother in Law is coming home today for a short R&R. He’s been deployed now for about 8 months and still has a few months left (hopefully, just a few). He called my sister this morning to let her know to pick him up at the airport. How she has made it through a…

A Somber Weekend.

Mark was suppose to have drill this weekend. He left Friday morning, and I didn’t expect to see him again until Sunday. When he called late Friday afternoon to ask if his dress shoes were anywhere to be found, I was a bit surprised. He was out in the field. What did he need dress…

I’d Pack That, Too, If I Could

Ah, packing.  The constant shuffling of items in and out of boxes these past few years has left me all-too-skilled at putting our life into boxes.  We had phase one of packing a month or so ago, when we knew the move was looming.  We weeded through the garage and boxed up some of the…

Memorial Day Ramblings

Memorial Day has become very important to our family. We have always remembered our family and friends who have served in the Armed Forces, but this year, it just hits closer to home. My brother in law is in the Army Reserves and is about to be deployed for the 2nd time in 7 years….