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New Money

Well, making money look like new anyway! Today we did an experiment using copper pennies and vinegar. The Older loved this because he likes his coins shiny (and in proper order according to size, edges, and pictures on the coins, but that’s a whole other post). Part of the fun was having the kids look…

Survey Says….. New Cloth Diaper Survey Conducted by DiaperShops.com

SOUTH PARIS, Maine (June 9, 2010) – In tough economic times it’s no surprise that more budget-strapped parents are switching to cloth diapers to save money. In fact, a new online survey out today conducted by Harris Interactive for DiaperShops.com, a leading online cloth diapering boutique, reveals that one-third (33%) of parents who use disposable…

My biggest problem with being a SAHM

First of all, I love almost everything about being a stay at home mom. I love that I get to watch my boys grow and learn daily. I love that, when it’s nice, I can get things done quickly and then spend the day outside, usually at the playground. There are just so many positive…

Dancing Away Our Money

Today, we enrolled my daughter, formally known as Calla but who I will now refer to as Snow White, because she insists that’s who she is, in dance and gymnastic classes. I wasn’t planning on going all the way and committing to a studio. I wanted to shop around, meet the teachers, and price the…

Child Labor

Given this tough economic climate, I feel that it’s high time to instill in my children the good old fashioned values of hard work and an honest dollar. My oldest children are becoming soft and Bernie Madoff-ish, making most of their money in “sure things” like Tooth Fairy returns. In the olden days, even the…