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Balancing “Can” and “Cannot”

This little boy, I think, is always going to keep us guessing. The first question may be – what on earth? John and I have spent a few years, now, trying to figure out just how to parent this child…and many days, I feel like I’m still at a loss. It’s hard to know when…

Picture Exchange

I’ve been making some references to PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) lately, and I figured I’d give a good look at that! This website gives a fairly good look at the system, as well as a success story of the child using it. 1000 words? WOW. I can only hope! What a PECS is is…

Danny and the iPod – Learning Through Play

Since the day Danny got his hands on my iPod (aka, the day I finally gave in), Danny has adored the thing. Now, this is not overly strange in any way… Both of my kids are very technologically inclined, and honestly, they both love to play on it. The thing that makes it worth noting…