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Killer Imperfection

At least once a week, I read a couple of fantasy blogs where mothers sort their kids’ Legos by color and re-pour the extra paint in their garages into smaller cans decorated with hand-made, personally designed labels, and I swear – SWEAR- that I’m going to pull myself together and get my life more organized….

On staying organized

Yesterday I had had enough. The school room chairs were butting up against my computer chair; toys and crafts were spread over every horizontal surface; the book closet was in shambles. I didn’t want to do school in there – I can only imagine how the kids felt about it. Probably claustrophobic. Having a real,…

Tidy Up Tuesday!

This morning I was sitting around thinking about what to blog about and at the same time thinking of the gazillion things I need to get done.  As I sat here thinking I was surrounded by disaster.  My office area was in chaos.  I normally keep my office pretty clean.  The rest of the house…

File it under g – for good gracious that looks good!

I always assumed that when I found my partner in life that they would be the one to help me ‘get my act together’. I mean, my act was good – it was financially ticking over quite well and, due to many many hours in the gym, I was very happy with myself physically.  I…