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Follow your instincts mamas – Your OWN instincts

This post is going to sound ironic since I posted a while ago about supporting radical unschooling, which I do, but I support it because I support parents’ rights to decide for themselves how to educate their own children. I don’t, however, understand parents that get sucked into cult like thinking and let “experts” determine…

From the Files of Excellent Parenting….Part 3

When winter insists on sticking around for an interminably long time and your menu of indoor activities have been exhausted, you can always humor yourself by taking ridiculous photos of your children.   One of these guys is crazy Nick Nolte.  The other is my crazy youngest child.  Both are in need of a stylist.  I could…

5 Things No One Told Me About Parenting

1. Teething is a long process. Not only for all teeth to come in, but for each tooth. It’s a process of stages. The teeth have to grow down the gums first, and then they can cut through. But it’s not even overnight at that stage. It takes a long time for a single (or…

Adventures in Balcony Diving

No, that was not just a catchy title I came up with.  There is a really story to go with this title.  My daughter Angie is one of those kids that you can’t take your eyes off of.  This past weekend my husband went away for the weekend to go snowmobiling with some friends and…