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Cloth Diaper Elastic: The Poop-Splosion Solution

***WARNING!  THIS POST CONTAINS AN IMAGE OF REAL BABY POOP***** Ask other parents what they disliked most about having a newborn, and besides the sleepness nights, the next answer is usually “the blow-outs.” Ask a cloth diapering mother, and she will leave the blow-outs off that list and just say “sleepness nights.” Are cloth diapers…

Japanese Potty Training Video

Bye Poo Poo!!! Yes, the only English you hear in this video is a farewell to the feces the young Tiger? boy says to his poo. And, to make things even better, the poo poo has a face. I am nowhere near potty training but I am saving this for when I do start. I…

Poop Happens

I was trying to squeeze in a shower before That Daddy Guy left this morning because I’m pretty sure that I smelled of sour milk and spit up. These days I’m lucky if I can get a shower in every two days so I was quite relieved to turn on some hot water and simply…