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Patty’s pee stick pitty party

I am having a really lousy day.  The day before yesterday we had a really good time at the farty party on the fertility charting board and followed it up with a pee party.  I came to the party bearing pee sticks and unfortunately didn’t get to go home from the party with presents.  I…

Might just be knocked up!

Sunday, Monday & today I’ve done pregnancy tests & all have had a 2nd line!  I am a bit apprehensive about thinking “I’m def. pregnant”, because I had some pretty horrible evap lines with this brand of test, back during our 1st cycle TTC.. but the way I’ve started feeling, I am beginning to wonder. …

Update on my uterus

LOL the title cracks me up! Alright, so I tested again with a dollar store test yesterday morning (guessing I was approx. 11 DPO) and a very very faint line showed up. As we all know, a line is a line no matter how dark or faint it may be so I got a little…

I guess I am not going to get my wish

Some sad news guys.  Teresa is having a miscarriage.  She has been going through a week of hell.  Her hCG levels have gone from 15 to 18 to now 20 which is not good.  Your hCG levels should double every two days and hers haven’t doubled in well over a week.  She is bleeding off…

Feeling a bit sheepish (omg, how embarrassed!)

I don’t know how to start this post other than to say that I got my hopes up, only to have them drop off the cliff on the other side. I’m such a boob! After 6 days of lower back aches, 3 home pregnancy tests and generally feeling rubbish for the week, Thursday brought confirmation that this…

A billboard would be less obvious

Do you remember when you first went to buy contraception? It might have been condoms, or going to the local family planning clinic to ask for birth control pills, but either way it was nerve wracking. You were sure that your mum, or one of her secret spies, was going to be right behind you…