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Freebie Friday! Daddy, Daddy, Who Do You See? {Printable Book}

This month, my daughter’s preschool is doing a Family theme. She goes to a Montessori school, and this is their alternative to celebrating Valentines Day. I personally think this is awesome, since my husband and I refer to Valentines Day as Hallmark Day. Ha. For children, it is a fun holiday where you get candy,…

Freebie Friday: Snowflake Gross Motor Learning

So this past week, I saw two similar activities that I really LOVED. The first one is from Roots of Simplicity. She created a great gross motor reading activity by writing words on snowflakes and taping them to the ground (check out her post for details). Then, Emma at Mummy Mummy Mum linked up a very…

Printable Home Organization Routines: Giveway

I’m working on some projects throughout my house to make it easier on J– and to help me settle into more of a routine. I’m not a huge routine person, but they do help ensure things get done and J seems to relax more under them. This is a print design to hang on your…