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Why I killed Santa Claus

http://www.needzo.com/ This year, I got asked a few times, ‘Do your kids still believe in Santa?’ and received quite a few shocked looks to my answer. ‘They never believed.’  What? Why are you stealing the magic of Christmas? What about the wonder and joy of the season? What do you have against Santa? I’m quite…

Am I the Only One?

For the past few years, I have noticed something. It’s probably been this way for years, but I never paid any attention until having kids. At our local (well, 30 min. away) mall, the Santa area is set up right by Victoria’s Secret. Makes me wonder why they feel this is the best place? Sure,…

Keeping the dream alive

I’m speaking, of course, about the magical fantasy that is on every child’s mind at this time of the year – Santa Claus – and what parents have to do to keep that dream alive. I got my son to write a letter to Santa Claus with me. Well…I wrote, and he dictated. We wrote…

Lego Camp: Day 3

photo from here “That kid with the blue t-shirt in Lego Camp today was being disrespectful and talking when the teacher was talking.” “What did you think of that?” “I’m worried that the blue-shirt kid won’t get Christmas presents, because Santa sees everything and the blue-shirt kid was doing bad behavior.” “He still has time…

How to cure an almost 4 year old’s temper tantrum

So, Ryan is sick and pitiful, thus making it impossible for him to act like a human boy. For one thing, I can’t call him Ryan, but only “sweet angel baby” until told otherwise. His temper (not fever) is currently off the charts. We were painting ornaments to give people the other night when Ryan…

Santa is scary? Is this genetics?

I noticed on Friday, while at our local mall, that Santa was due to arrive on Saturday at 1pm.  I decided it’d be something fun for Gaby, so naturally I told her about it, and she WAS excited.  I couldn’t wait! She spent the rest of Friday – and Saturday morning, telling anyone who would…