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Saturday Snapshots: Listening Therapy/Therapeutic Listening

The main idea is to emphasize integration of the auditory and vestibular systems together. Since there is such a close connection with visual functioning, visual processing also will likely improve – particularly spatial awareness and the concept of time and space. Sensory-processing-disorder.com

It’s Official

Seamus does have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). To what extent and what sub category, I don’t know yet; Kieran was being a booger at the appointment, and I missed half of the testing the OT did. We couldn’t talk much after, because Seamus kept taking off and grabbing everything. We will go to OT once…

Being Atypical

The Internet is a wonderful and terrible place sometimes. One of the things I have leaned on through our entire journey with hearing loss have been the other blogs, the other kids and parents who have gone and are going down the same road we are. I share their journeys, worry through cochlear implant surgeries…