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Brushing Technique

Today at OT, we talked about listening therapy again, something that we’ve planned to start for the last 2 months but one thing or another prevented it. Seamus has tried the headphones and cd player a few times at OT, but he doesn’t like them and always takes them off, complaining they hurt his head,…

Be Careful!

I always find myself grinding away at the phrase, “Be careful!” It is heard at least four times a minute around my house. Jonah has what they call poor motor planning skills, meaning he can’t always make his body do what he wants it to do. He has a hard time coordinating all of his…

Splish Splash!

In the early spring, Jonah was invited by the early interventions program to participate in a new “swim” class that the program was trying out. The class was for children 6-24 months who have sensory processing issues. During the class, the therapists integrate sensory exploration with water play. You may remember, if you’ve been following…

22 Months

Ava will be 22 months old tomorrow.   My baby is a toddler.  A toddler that hasn’t gained more than 8 ounces in 11 months.  At 11 months old she weighed 22 pounds, as she does now. At one point she broke 24 pounds only to lose it again.   I’m constantly struggling to add more calories to…