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Pants Rant

Like most girls, I love to shop – for myself, for friends and family, and especially for Haeden, of course. Lately, I’ve been searching for a good pair of jeans. I guess the closer I get to thirty, the less comfortable I am with the oh-so-low-rise jeans of my past. You know… The ones that force…

Sex and The City

A few months ago I got an invite to be a part of a foursome of women for a fun girls weekend in Lake Tahoe.  I know these women well but had never spent this kind of time with them, but I was immediately on-board.  Unfortunately the cabin in Tahoe fell through but the husband…

Shopping with Toddlers

Eric loves to go shopping – especially to the grocery store. Of course, he doesn’t always like the way we do it, because he would much rather but running free around the store than sitting in a cart…even a super cool car-shaped one complete with steering wheel. Once in a while, though, we slip off…

I have an addiction… to shopping!

I don’t go crazy buying myself stuff, I hate buying stuff for myself, I always feel there’s a better use for the money. But I go just a little wild when it comes to buying clothes for the kids. I can’t help it. I see all these cute clothes and I think “Oh, Bella would…