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It’s a sandstorm! It’s a sandstorm!

We I told the boys about the baby the other day. I had to just go ahead and tell them without John (who kept putting off and putting off when we should tell them), because my youngest son – Ryan – greatly offended my sensibilities. We had all just gotten home from picking the boys…

Missing You

Jonah was spending a week with his Grandparents, so during the day this week it was just me and Eve. I thought that Eve would enjoy spending some time being an “only child.” She and Jonah are constantly fighting over toys and vying for attention. This would give her a chance to have some special…

Even though they are home…

Life is not all good, especially for the Belly. Belly has missed the boys horribly. She hasn’t enjoyed this time of being an only child. She loves having the boys around. Ryan plays with her, and Zach pampers her… usually. Since they’ve been home, they’ve wanted nothing to do with her. Each time she tries…

Sister LOVE

We are quickly approaching 3. And it is bringing new challenges. Something I will post about separately. But for now, check out how cute my girls are. They love each other so much. When they cuddle, they CUDDLE. These are the moments I cherish. My girls are just too precious for words!

Attack of the Clones

Plenty of siblings look alike. When I look at people’s siggies on JustMommies I can often see strong resemblances between their children. I have always known my girls were incredibly similar – they have even been mistaken for twins. But now there’s a new face to add to the brood and again the resemblance is…

When Breast Isn’t Best

Since we got home, Sam and I have managed to get into a good supplementing routine. After the initial difficulties in hospital, he has taken to breastfeeding like a pro, and he has also taken to bottles to give me a break so I can continue recuperating from the CFS relapse I’ve suffered over the…