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Conversations with Haeden

It’s quite funny to look back and remember that, this time last year, our pediatrician was suggesting that we take Haeden for a speech evaluation. At this point, I can’t remember how far “behind” he was, but we all knew that he was definitely not saying as much as the other kids his age. Ultimately,…

Using Craft Activities to Expand & Stimulate Language Skills

I LOVE arts and crafts. I love drawing, painting, coloring, cutting, gluing, using clay, paper, paints, glitter, craft sticks, and other arts and crafts materials. Have you ever noticed that arts and crafts activities are a staple part of the curriculum in early childhood education?  I challenge you to find a preschool that doesn’t incorporate…

Strategies to Help Your Child Talk: Commenting and Asking Questions

In my last two posts on Strategies to Help Your Child to Talk (that you can read HERE and HERE), I explained the strategies of self talk, parallel talk, descriptions, expansions, extensions and repetitions. Today, I am going to discuss how to use comments and questions to help expand your child’s language. Make comments about…

Strategies to Help Your Child Talk: Parallel and Self Talk

Start talking to your baby at birth (or before!) Children learn language from hearing it, and they start this process basically at birth – although some would argue that they begin even BEFORE birth, since studies have shown that babies can hear their parents voices in the womb sometime around 18-20 weeks gestation, and newborns…

Behind a little

Its been so busy lately trying to figure out when and how to do all these appointments that I’ve been behind on my blog. I have 2 reviews and giveaways to post, one from EcoMom and the other is a book. EcoMom should be up this weekend since the hubby has 4 days off and…