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My quiet house.

I usually love living in chaos.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like problems, but when there are lots of people around and constant chatter, it pleases me.  It’s one of the biggest reasons that I miss James.  He always had friends over, and they kept me entertained. Having Will & Clayton come live with…


Being cheated on is probably one of the worst hurts I have ever experienced. During the course of my ten year marriage to Sarah and James’ dad, I was cheated on more than once. In fact, my ex-husband’s long term affair with one person resulted in the birth of three children. Of course, in the…

Child Support

As you know, Neely has custody of his boys.  They have been living here since July of last year, so nearly a year.  During that time, we have been supporting them and for part of that time, Neely paid child support to their mom, via a wage attachment.  Although we requested that the child support…

Step-parenting. All the work and little reward.

I love my step-sons.  More than they can know or understand.  In time, I’m sure they will, but right now I think they feel conflicted.  They want to love me (and I’m sure they do in some way), but they have a loyalty to their mom and I think that they think that loving me…

Some days, this step-parent thing ain’t easy

I love my kids.  All of them.  Whether they are mine by blood or mine by circumstance.  There is no question about it in my mind and I hope there is no question about it their’s either.  But some days, raising someone else’s child is not easy.  Some days I feel like I do not…