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The Surprising Origin of the Swine Flu

One of our family’s favorite Fall activities (say that 3 times fast!) is taking a trip to the local pumpkin farm to spend the children’s college fund pick pumpkins and celebrate Illinois’ not-so-subtle transition from its one season (really freaking hot) to its second (really freaking cold). When the big kids were small, the pumpkin…

Swine Flu…Vaccinate or Not?

I really debated on whether to post this but I am really torn as to whether we should get the H1N1 vaccine. I vacillate back & forth as to whether the media is hyping this up or whether they are really just reporting facts. This is what I do know. H1N1 is killing children &…

Traveling With a Baby During a Pandemic!

Saturday will be Fletcher’s first flight. Unfortunately, we are flying to Texas. See the news lately? Yeah, that is where we are going. Am I scared? Absolutely!!! My sister called today and begged me to stay home. I am not saying that my son is worth less than the cost of two plane tickets, but…

Swine flu, head lice, and other strange thoughts

Sorry I am talking about my insanity again but I sometimes run out of ideas to blog about and well since every third post on JM at the moment seem to be about the swine flu, I thought the blog might need one too.  I have decided that I am not leaving the house until…