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A Lesson In Manners

One thing that I absolutely do not want to have is rude kids. I have tried to make manners a priority in things that I teach my children – table manners in particular. Every day, three times a day, my three year old learns how to properly use a napkin, how to ask politely for…

Oh, Boy

“Dad? May I have that cupcake?” “Eat five more bites of broccoli, please.” “I did it! Give me the cupcake right now! Now!” “Wow. What are we teaching you?” “You’re teaching me to have sugar.”

Am I Expecting Too Much?

I know that I have very high expectations of my boys with regard to behavior. I know that they are too high, but yet, I can’t help myself. I have come to terms with the behavior in church and know they will not be able to just sit and listen until it’s time to leave….