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Toddler Trouble #2 – Talking

Even thought my Eli is not really a toddler anymore I thought I wouldbring ya’ll a new weekly series…. TODDLER TROUBLE! I’ll probably change the name but it seems to fit what she’s going through at the moment. So Toddler Trouble will be a blog post all about what’s going on in my 3 year olds life; blog…

The Dictator Grows!

I have to brag on Jacob for a quick moment because I was so not looking forward to taking him to the doctor’s today – from about 2 years on, Jacob just became totally afraid of doctors and would freak out and cry every time so this time I spent some time with him last…

Understanding Language!

It takes kids quite a while to learn language, both to understand it and to model it. First words usually sprout up around 9-12 months of age. I keep reminding myself of that, because even though my 15 month old hasn’t said a word yet, he’s completely on track. His hearing age is 4 months,…