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12 Tooth Fairy Ideas and Traditions

My five year old has been counting the days, months, years since he was 3 when he first discovered the tooth fairy via his older brother.  Excitedly, for months on end he will ask for me to check his teeth because they are wobbly. Overtime when brother has lost a tooth he remembers his cause and once again begins to…

A Big, Run-On Question

“So, Mom? I’m going to put my tooth inside the tooth fairy box so that Tooth Fairy can bring me a dollar while I’m sleeping, but can you please-oh-please let her know that I need her to wait to take the tooth until after the alphabets-sharing-day of “T” on Monday, because I’m going to bring…

Well, I feel totally cheated.

My baby lost his first tooth. The one next to it is now loose too. See that bill in his hand? Yeah, apparently the tooth fairy left him $10. TEN DOLLARS! Uh, hello feelings of being unloved by the tooth fairy as a child. I got 50 freaking cents when I lost a tooth. When…

Why Entertaining Fantasies Isn’t Always a Good Thing

My daughter’s mouth has been host to two “hanging by a thread” teeth for about 2 weeks now.  They are the front 2 teeth – the ones that are all anyone wants for Christmas…the biggies.  The method of their departure from E’s head has been the topic of much discussion in our home lately. “I…