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How has your weekend been so far?! Our has been pretty awesome… My girls are watching Kung-Fu Panda, and we just finished having a great breakfast. It’s a chilly day out, and in a bit we are going to head over to grandmas to finish helping make tamales, which are a tradition in my family…


I am sure mothers (and fathers) around the world hear this often during the summer: “I’m Bored! There’s Nothing To Do!” Really??? Shall we take a look… The boys “garage” and “Fire Station” as well as bins of cars and random toys. More trucks, helicopters, balls, books…. Games and art supplies, puzzles (and just junk).

Our new toys!

Ok, so one isn’t really a “new toy” just something new to play on. The kids LOVE the fireplace. I can’t keep them off of it so I decided what the hell, I’ll let them play on it. They can pretty much get up and down off of something like that without falling over and…