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Overheard on the Road Trip

“Mom? How long ’til we get there? Six hours? For real? How many minutes is that, because it’s already been at least eight minutes already… Yes it has. Yes it has. Are we going to go on the freeway? How many freeways? How many minutes has it been now? I think it’s been at least…

Travel Tip

If you go on a trip with Katie, don’t put her in charge of the rain gear. Today, Nashville treated us to some seriously scary thunder, lightning, and rain – lots and lots of rain.  Buckets, really.  Nonetheless, once things settled down a bit, we braved the elements and ventured into Nashville.  Katie proudly armed…

Cloth Diapering While Traveling

So, last weekend while I was taking a break again which was a much needed break…we were just going to hang around the house and just enjoy time with each other and the family. My husband spoke to his father and his dad had surgery about a week ago.  He just didn’t sound well.  My husband…


The last few weeks I have been planing, and replaning and running a checklist all in my head for our trip to Nebraska. We are leaving around noon on February 12th, and hoping to make it to Sheridan, Wy late that night and spend the night then arrive in Nebraska on Saturday. I’m a little…

Traveling across the country with Cloth Diapers

When I decided I was definitely going to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas the next question was how was I going to diaper my son?  Disposables are the easy answer, followed by G Diapers or Gro Baby Bio Soakers.  The hardest answer would be full time cloth diapers.  Now, I have mentioned before…

Me, my son, (and my cloth diapers) are home safely!

After a small delay between boarding and departure, my son, my diapers, and I arrived in Syracuse NY from Charlotte NC.  The flight was terrible, Fletcher was miserable and cried for an hour.  This was his tenth flight since birth, and his worst.  He has been on more planes than months alive! My trip lasted…