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5 Years

So, five years ago Saturday, this happened: Funny story, actually. The morning of the wedding, I went over to my mother’s house to get ready. When I arrived, I learned that my step-dad was not going to be attending. Apparently, he was sick to his stomach and vomiting. He had been quarantined to their bedroom….

Green Tip Tuesday – Drink Green

So today I was thinking about what to blog about, and then I was talking to my mom about the wedding we went to this past weekend. So I thought I’d post about how to drink “Green!” First… Go with GLASS! It’s much more prettier, no? And recycling glass is more eco-friendly than recycling cans….

A Wedding in the Woods

We traveled to my cousin Tom’s wedding over the weekend. Like any true family gathering, there were tears and laughter, music, heartbreak, joy, dancing, expectations, drama, tortillas and an open bar. Babies cried and were tended by their grandfathers. My son ignored lunch but ate four stolen cupcakes from the back of the wedding dessert…

Being nostalgic…our engagement & wedding!

A dear friend of mine (I met online @ Just Mommies) who lives in Australia, just announced she is getting married. I am so happy for Miranda as she deserves this so much. Her announcement really brought me back to our wedding preparations & ceremony. I know I probably don’t tell Todd quite enough how…

Family Wedding

We got home last night at 1:30 a.m. from a long weekend of traveling. My family all lives anywhere from three and a half to five hours away, so every so often we have to make the trek up to see them. This time we also had to attend my cousin’s outdoor wedding. Luckily for…

Picture of the Day: "You’re My Best Friend…"

I can say something not many people can say. I have had the same best friend for seventeen years. On my first day of kindergarten, 1992, this tall blond girl in big glasses walked up to me and said “Hi, my name is Emily, and if you’re not my friend I’ll beat you up.” (How…