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Two Month Well Visit

Little bird had her two month well visit today, and she was not a happy camper. First, she was sleeping when we got there, so she wasn’t happy when I had to strip her from her comfy clothes to get weighed and measured. Head circumference= 16 inches (89th percentile) Weight= 11.14 lbs. (63rd percentile) Length=…

Quick Update

Juggling 4 kids and a household is proving to take up a lot of my time, who would have thunk it?  So while Charlie sleeps on me, I’ll post a quick update – and then it’s off to bed for me! Charlie is doing really well.  He is such an easy going baby – knock…

Well “Diva” Visit

In honor of Violet’s trip from January 20th 2009 to January 20th 2010 we took her to the pediatrician to have her one year old well baby diva check up! I have become accustomed to the usual drill of it all so I was not really feeling any worry or anxiety leading up to the…