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Wordless Wednesday

Being Texans, we love us some BBQ! About four years ago, our favorite BBQ place closed – BBQ Warehouse. Today, when we were out shopping, we were talking about dinner, and we thought BBQ…. Enjoy this picture!

WordlessWednesday – Girl Talk

I just have to say, the girls had a great time at the Grand Opening of Pink & Posh Party Boutique. Vetty is still talking about it! Can you just imagine what’s going through their heads during this photo?! Sooo cute!

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: FIFTY BUCKS

See that “just-over-a-quarter-tank” marked on my gas meter?  Fitty-dollas. WTH gas stations??  And P.S., weren’t we supposed to be flying around in little saucers a la George Jetson by now? As for “Trip A”, that’s how many miles we’ve driven (AROUND TOWN) since the weekend…mostly shuttling kids around. At this rate, the mortgage on our house…