Constance Marie's Post-Baby Weight Loss Advice

Actress Constance Marie (seen most recently on The George Lopez show) gets real about weight loss after baby to

The 44-year-old says she feels the pressure to bounce back as much as any other mom - and also shares their frustration when seeing supermodels and actresses baring bikini bodies just three months after giving birth. "How long did it take me to get my body back after baby? Well, she is 17 months old and I am STILL workin’ on it! But I got it mostly back in a year."

Constance's tips?

1. When you are pregnant - eat like you would normally eat. The more weight you put on the longer and harder it is to take it off afterwards. Marie admits that she did splurge a bit in the last month of pregnancy!

2. Move that body! Constance reveals, "Now for me during my pregnancy, I was so so sick in the beginning -- like vomiting six times a day sick (Sadly, I do not exaggerate. It was so unglamorous!) -- that the only thing I could do was walk when I felt up to it. When I finally stopped barfing, I walked even more. I promised myself that I had to at least do that."

3. Breastfeeding. "If you can swing it, this is an amazing way to get your body back ASAP! I mean when you start, you can actually feel your uterus contracting and shrinking, and I swear your thighs do too."

4. Use a waist wrap. "It helped to hold all those stomach muscles in and keep my organs in place after Luna Marie had pushed them all outta wack! I wore it for a little over a month — 40 days to be exact. I even slept in it! It was amazing how it sorta reminded my body how to get back to its original position. I swear by this thing and recommend it to everybody."

Constance shares much more right here!