Salma Hayek Breastfeeds an African Woman’s Baby

Salma Hayek, celebrity mom and breastfeeding supporter, was recently captured on video breastfeeding an African woman’s baby.

Hayek was in Sierra Leone on a goodwill trip when she showed compassion for an African baby.   She decided to help the baby’s mom – who was trying to breastfeed her hungry son but couldn’t because she was no longer producing milk – by breastfeeding the baby boy.

Hayek described a tragic story of another hungry African baby that she met while she was in Sierra Leone to USA Today.  She said, "Before we got to the hotel, we stopped at a hospital. (A woman) was trying to breastfeed the baby, and the baby wouldn't take it anymore. I said, 'I think we shouldn't be here.' As we walked out, two to three minutes later, the baby died."

This experience may have been what prompted Hayek to breastfeed another African baby that she met while in Sierra Leone.  She described the circumstances that caused her to respond to the baby boy’s cries to be fed.  She told USA Today, "The baby was perfectly healthy, but the mother didn't have milk. He was very hungry. I was weaning Valentina, but I still had a lot of milk that I was pumping, so I breastfed the baby."

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Video of Salma Hayek breastfeeding an African baby boy can be seen here: