DIY Recipes for Home Remedies & Personal Care Products for Moms, Babies & Families

It's tempting to run to the drugstore whenever the need for a remedy arises, but with a few items and ingredients you can make a slew of home remedies and personal care products for everyone in your family -- and you'll know exactly what's in them. A good place to start is with these 10 essential items you need to create a natural medicine cabinet -- and we also tell you the best uses for each item we recommend. If you spent too much time in the sun, whip up a batch of this homemade sunburn soother, which will help heal and repair your skin . No time to go home and freshen up between outdoor activities on a hot day? Make this refreshing body spray that you can spritz on the whole family on the go -- including your dog ! Are bugs bugging you like crazy? Avoid the toxic chemicals in most store-bought bug sprays and make this DIY kid-friendly insect repellent spray to keep insects at bay . Got a baby in diapers? Save some cash by making your own soothing and natural diaper wipe solution and nontoxic baby wipes. If you have a baby in the house, it's most likely that your family is experiencing some sleep disruption (understatement!). Make this DIY sleep aid lotion with magnesium and lavender oil and apply it to everyone in your house from newborns to adults to achieve better slumber. Breastfeeding moms will appreciate knowing these 5 natural remedies to common breastfeeding issues, as well as 10 easy, natural ways to increase your breast milk supply . Put your best smile forward with this homemade aloe vera toothpaste the whole family can use to brush up.