Eco-Friendly Rugs and Floor Coverings to Brighten Your Child's Play Area

A simple way to make a bold statement in a room or rejuvenate a space is by adding an area rug. This is an especially timely decor option since spring is just around the corner and many people are looking to freshen up the house with cheery touches . It's important to choose rugs made of natural as opposed to synthetic fibers to keep your home (and where your kids will be playing) as nontoxic and safe as possible. Armadillo and Co. combines floral flair with Fair Trade ethics in their colorful daisy and dandelion rugs . IndiB offers handmade, organic rugs that offer a whimsical touch via designs that resemble veggie gardens, elephants, giraffes, birds on a wire and more. These upcycled T-shirt area rugs are cozy, soft and durable, much like the treasured tees from which they are made. They come in an array of sweet designs, including acupcake shaped rug! Looking for an interactive floor covering? Check out these 3D play carpets that bring miniature lands of make believe to the playroom! Needa cushy landing for your crawling baby? Soft Tiles play mats are made of foam and come in several varying designs to suit every aesthetic. If your home is covered in wall to wall carpeting already, don't miss our story on why it's vital to make sure your carpets are green cleaned.