Got Controversy? Milk in Headline News

Once the unassuming "healthy" beverage of our youth, milk now regularly makes headline news for one shocking reason or another. Most recently, we reported on the disturbing news that the International Dairy Foods Association is lobbying to get aspartame added to milk. Read more about this ludicrous idea and cast your vote in our poll on the topic. Did you know that doctor's also petitioned to have the school lunch staple removed from the menu for students for an extensive and sensible list of reasons which you can see here? On the topic of breast milk, scientists have engineered transgenic dairy goats to produce human breast milk, as well as genetically modified human milk-producing cows! If you're interested in trying an alternative to cow's milk, but you're not sure where to start, read our informative guide to learn about the pros and cons of 6 popular cow's milk alternatives.