Kid-Friendly Comfort Food & Drinks For Cold Winter Days

Cravings for comfort food seem to get stronger during the cold winter months when we want to huddle up indoors with loved ones and fill the house with the aromas of homemade cooking. And baking or cooking with your kids is a fun bonding activity and way to pass the time, which also results in the delicious reward of getting to eat or drink the finished result. There's nothing like soup to warm the body and the spirit. Try your hand at making this creamy vegan baked potato soup, this vegan peanut butter stew, or this vegan bean, squash and corn soup, which are all crowd pleasers for the whole family -- and if you make a big pot, this meal can be stretched out for days or frozen for future use. Macaroni and cheese is a beloved comfort food. We put a spin on the classic by adding a healthy dose of pumpkin! Your kids will love creating a batch of organic soft pretzels or whole wheat cinnamon rolls to sink their teeth into! Try to give little ones a more sophisticated palate by baking a loaf of organic, zucchini carrot quinoa bread. If your family gets a hankering for something sweet, make delicious raw chocolate pudding from avocados, a vegan deep dish cookie pie, or vegan and gluten-free pumpkin donuts. And nothing beats a mug filled to the brim with a warm, satisfying drink. Here are five healthy and comforting drinks for kids, including easy mulled cider and Russian fruit tea. Skip the prepackaged mix if you want to make hot cocoa. We show you how to make organic, fair trade hot cocoa at home.