Stories That Have Us Reminiscing About Childhood & Longing for Yesteryear

Wiling away the slower summer days with your children is a fun reminder of your own childhood. We're reminiscing about the carefree days of yesteryear, wishing we had one of these 14 delightful Hobbit Hole Homes as a hideout back in the day. At the end of a long summer day, it would have been a dream come true to retire to one of these 14 spectacular kids rooms that make us yearn for our youth. And what about those good old-fashioned slumber parties we all used to host and look forward to attending? Why have they fallen by the wayside? Remember spending from dawn to dusk outdoors without a care in the world ? Wishing you gave your kids the same freedom? Read the convincing case for sending your kids outside to play alone . Nowadays, most city and suburban playgrounds are decidedly tame and can be somewhat of a bore for kids seeking adventure . But The Land is an adventure playground where kids can run wild, light fires, explore independence and take risks . Do beach excursions beckon your family this summer? Relive your castle building days -- but first, check out these 13 amazing sand sculptures that will inspire you and your kids to get building at the beach . It's a real shame that today's kids prefer screens and technology over immersing themselves in nature. Remember as a child, all we had was the great outdoors as the ultimate experience ? The Project Wild Thing documentary aims to rebrand nature to make the outdoors more appealing to kids . Can you imagine going to a Forest Kindergarten, where Mother Nature is the teacher in an outdoor classroom ?