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November 30th, 2005, 08:48 AM
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ok ladies, my tailbone hurts it goes from there to my hips to my butt and down my leg. i had posted on another board and someone had said that is the first sign she gets when she is pregnant. i was reading about sciatic nerve pain and it saiad it usual happen a little later in pregnancy. i don't know if i am pregnant yet. i can't test till the end of next week. oh and i am feeling a little crampy not painful and then yesterday i had a very slight pink when i wiped and then once this morning. i am sick in the stomach too. i feel really gassy. and i couldn't stop yawning while i was making dinner lastnight. i am so hoping for a BFP. please let me know if you have heard anything on this nerve pain. i have never felt this ever before.


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