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February 12th, 2005, 02:58 PM
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Ok did ANYBODY else feel like this? I still havn't been able to test, cuz my power bill automaticlly drafted more than what i thought [I do auto pay!] or well come monday, since all weekend bank stuff is held in pending at least w/ BOA.


I read, re read, and re re read the pill insert. It doesn't say ANYTHING about how long to wait, or when you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT get your period, etc. Only the side effects long term use. So i'm really really freaked!

I've been bleeding clots since my last post on the forum. whatever day that is. I thought i'd stop by now. BUT NO! I'm feeling really crampy, and just overall **yuck** My boobs hurt like hell, and seem ALOT bigger [my bra that has always be too big, now is tooooooo small and i've had the bra forever so it can't be shrinking in the wash, cuz I hang dry]. My back is KILLING me. I'm just straight up phsyical pain...but not all could be related or mean anything.

I've NEVER bleed out more than just a couple clots during my period, but this has been ALL clots. It is sooooo gross and is starting to really scare me. ANd I wouldn't mind so much if it was like a normal color redeither, instead its like brownish.

Sorry if this is TMI, my b/f thinks i'm crazy and this is just flat out GROSS, and doesn't understand HOW a period should and shouldn't be. **urG**

Thanks for reading!
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