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May 2nd, 2008, 12:18 PM
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I would suggest more research on the subject myself. I am not going to get into a food debate, but there is LOTS of things to support both sides.

There are people who feed what is known as a RAW or B.A.R.F diet with very good results. One women I know has been doing it for over 20yrs and none of her dogs (GSDs and Corgis) have any problems at all. Others I know how have done it along time also with good results with the exception of one dog who already had a compromised immune system, and it didnt matter if he ate kibble or raw or homecooked.

Some things that go into raw are certain types of raw fish (with/out bone), garlic, eggs and raw meats w/ bone and organs (the one lady I mentioned feeds her dogs cow heads, whole, eyes, brain and all)

The key is to do extensive research and go by your own judgement regarding things. Some people dont add veggies and just feed meat/organ, some do it all and some add certain grains while others feel its not needed. <shrug>

The things such as raisins, onions, chocolate and grapes w/ peel are dangerous and i havent seen anything on any side of the dog food debate that says otherwise.

Its allllllll about pro's and con's LOL
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