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May 3rd, 2008, 01:38 PM
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I'm popping in from the August DDC, but just happened to see "Tricare" in your title and thought I'd see what the post was about...

You ask a really good question, and hopefully someone here has a true answer for you. I'd actually never thought about whether or not Tricare would (since I don't plan on having a home birth), but it is a very good question now that you have brought it up.

My guess would be that you would have to pay for at least some of the midwife care unless the midwife was military related in some way. (I think it would also depend on which Tricare plan you have.) I know that obviously we're free to visit civillian OB's if we wish, but in most cases it is at our own expense or I know some people who co-pay (and have a higher Tricare plan than most to do so). The same holds true for civilian hospitals as opposed to military hospitals... So I would assume it would be true for midwives as well; as I said, unless the midwife is military related.

I don't know if the military has midwives, they might... But if they don't I would imagine you'd have to cover the cost (or co-pay if you have a higher Tricare plan) since the midwife would be civillian.

Obviously all of that is my own assumption based on what I know of Tricare, but I would definitely be interested to know the actual answer. Perhaps giving your local Tricare office a call could help you in answering your question for sure.
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