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May 3rd, 2008, 03:59 PM
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Here is my story... there is some details I will edit (such as teh times everything happened) as I go through the midwife's paperword to see it as I did not have a clock in my room at the time and was not sure what was happening when.

I woke up at about 5am on May 1st with mild BH type of contractions.. I paid notice to them because though I had had a few false alarms, It was normally always at certain times of the day and had not really been woken up by contractions before... Throughout the day these continued coming pretty regularly (about 5 min appart) and I decided to give my midwife a call after I realised that I could not get them to go away... (bath didn't work, walking around, resting etc... nothing worked)

The midwife wasn't sure what to say as I really couldn't tell her wether I really thought this was it or not... Finally she told me to keep timing them and to get back to her... so I timed them and they were about 4 min appart... I went down for a nap (around 2pm but couldn't sleep very well) and was woken up by the phone.. my midwife was calling to check in on me because she had to go to another birth as the secondary assistant unless I really felt like she needed to come to my house now...

I still wasn't sure what was going on so I told her to go ahead with those plans.. especially since she said that judging by the sound of my voice, she didn't think I was in enough pain for this to be it! She told me she would be out of cell phone range for about 40 min on her way there and would call me once she got to the other birth... Well pretty much as soon as she hung up with me the contractions started getting nasty!! (It was already about 5pm by then) She called me once she was in cell phone range and I told her, I'm not ready to push yet but that I could tell that this was it and I was going to be having my baby that day!!

She told me the other woman was about to start to push and that she would go to that birth first and then travel the 1 hour to my house... I wanted to cry but instead I just told her ok.. and we laid out an emergency plan of what to do if I needed to go in to the local hospital instead.

DH had gone out to buy some steaks and we had a nice steak dinner that I enjoyed immensely between contractions!

She finally calls me what felt like an eternity later (but was really about 20 min) and told me she was on her way to my house... She advised me that the secondary attendant for my birth would be Lee, a paramedic and a father of 3 (who has had all of his babies at home) The irrational part of me was a bit apprehensive about the fact that he was male.. but I was also fascinated by the idea of a man who was a paramedic and also a homebirth advocate....

By the time she showed up I was having a really hard time breathing through my contractions and they were 2 minutes appart... I was sitting on the side of the bed and each time a contraction came I would close my eyes and imagine the pain pushing down my belly down, to where my cervix was and out through my back.... (basically that's how the pain progressed, so it helped to imagine that it was progressing that way in order to leave my body)

My midwife checked me and I was 5 cm dilated... I wanted to cry! lol With Elyssa 5 cm was when I started going to the hospital and her birth was not for another 5-6 hours from there.... I was in much more pain this time and I was so discouraged... My midwife asked me if I could stand up as it would go really quickly if we could get that pressure going.. I tired... but really could not remain standing... so we compromised and I did most of my labour sitting on the side of my bed...

DH came up with Elyssa to check on me a few times... but could not stay in the room because Elyssa was freaked out! (Mostly by the strangers and all the strange equipment in my bedroom) Though she knew I was in pain and would hug my knees and ask me if I was "kk?"

The midwife started getting the IV ready for my clendomycin (since I tested GBS +) and at that point I gagged and then told the midwife I was going to throw up!! They didn't get me a bowl on time so I grabbed one of the chux pads that was on the bed and threw up into it (Good thinking Vero!! lol) They then gave me a bucket and I proceeded in emptying the contents of my stomach into it... over and over again... and it felt good! (lol a relief from the contractions as I was not really noticing them as I was doing it!!) My midwife joked that I must have dilated a good centimeter with all that throwing up... and she was probably right!!

She started trying to give me the IV but after 2 failed attempts I decided to decline the antibiotics... I had enough of getting poked... I wanted to enjoy the brief respite between contractions. My water still had not broken so the risk of infection was really minimal...

Shortly after that she suggested I go to the bathroom and relieve my bladder... and as I stood up I guess the baby really dropped because the contractions became INSANE! I painfully made my way to the bathroom and emptied my bladder and my bowels and thought as I got a contraction on the toilet that I may be feeling the urge to push...

I painfully made my way back to my bedroom, and my midwife and the attendant proceeded to take my vitals, listen to the baby etc... and then I told my midwife that she may want to check me as I may be wanting to push.... so she checked and I was fully dilated and the baby's head was way down... so she told me to start pushing... but I didn't want to... I remembered having an overwhelming urge to push last time and this time it was not overwhelming at all...

I felt a small gush and we thought my water had broken...

So I got through about 4 contractions refusing to push... and then finally I got that overwhelming urge to push and I pushed and was told that my bags of waters was bulging so it was still intact and that she would break it and it would make the pushing easier... so she broke the water and I felt a HUGE gush (A new sensation for me as Elyssa was born in her bags of waters intact) after that I pushed the head out, and stopped when the midwife told me to stop... there was a bit of cord that she needed to get out of the way... and I pushed gently to get her sholders out and she was out that second contraction...

She was placed on my belly (she couldn't go much higher as the cord was too short) and the midwife proceeded to helping me deliver the placenta... As soon as the cord stopped pulsing it was cut and the midwife ran downstairs to advise DH that Delilah was born. He came upstairs as the midwife was assessing the damage and told me that I "looked pretty normal down there this time around" so I guess there was not much damage... I had a small tear and the midwife said I probably did not need stitches but thought she would prefer stitching me up anyways.. I told her to go ahead and I got 2 stitches.

During that time Delilah started inching herself up towards me chest and managed to get to my boob and latched herself on after much effort... After having a baby that had problems latching on it was amazing to see how this one just knew what to do!!

After a few hours of looking after me, filling paperwork etc. They did the newborn exam on Delilah... She was 7lbs 15 oz and born at 8:15PM (ish).

Elyssa's initial reaction to the baby was that she was very shy with her... She hid behind DH's legs and smiled at her... The next morning she crawled into bed with us.. and proceeded to point out her little hands, and her nose and her eyes, and hair... etc.

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of labour and delivery.. I was harassing DH to take pictures but he kept saying he had to go back downstairs to look after Elyssa... so I finally got him to give me the camera when she was about an hour or 2 old... and here is her first picture:

And here she is wearing her first outfit:

The next morning with Elyssa and with me and ELyssa:

and finally with DH:

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