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May 4th, 2008, 09:44 AM
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They will pay for a midwife assisted homebirth & will also pay for a midwife attended hospital birth (especially since there are a lot of MWs in the military hospitals).

The key thing though is usually the way they "pay" for a MW assisted homebirth is through reimbursement - but its supposedly at full cost. Many MWs will work out a deal where they will only collect partial payment or will delay billing.

To get it paid up front they must be a CNM and be within the tricare network i think - supposedly there are only a handful of them and only 2 BC's that are covered under those guidelines. And the only way I know that is a friend of mine travelled to Alaska to get her birth covered that way (luckily she has family in some part of Alaska). Theres supposed to be 1 other group of MWs that are covered somewhere else int he states.

your other option is to switch to tricare prime - they will give you a hard time about it but you can do it - which means you can go off base for care. However, you have a little more leeway. You probably should find out who in your area does homebirths & what their credentials are & if youre near a military base, then theyll most likely have dealt with other military families & will be a little more familiar with how they hadnle it there.

But - in short - Tricare DOES pay for homebirths attended by a midwife.


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