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May 4th, 2008, 03:20 PM
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Do you live with your inlaws or something? (just curious as it seems from your post that MIL is around an awful lot).

Either way, it is TOTALLY unfair that they not pay you or provide you with the things the kids need. And the kids should DEFINITELY be following house rules. No question asked.

Around here 75 bucks is kind of expensive for home care. But I know that varies a lot from place to place... and I don't really SEE a reason for a "family discount".. especially when it's someone you don't really like, ykwim?

If it were me, I just wouldn't watch her children. Plain and simple. Seems like waaaay too much potential to do damage to the family, and in the end, that's not worth it. Never mix business with family.

As for the boobage comment.. welcome to being pregnant. You will hear tons of inappropriate comments from people who think they are funny or helpful.. when they're really just way out of line. Try your best to just ignore it.

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