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May 4th, 2008, 08:07 PM
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From the looking around I've done, the going rate for day care (not private care) is no less than $100 typically around here, and SIL was paying $85-$90/week per kid for the person she'd managed to convince to let her bring her kids... and the person apparently was having the same issue with SIL as I was. Had I known, I wouldn't have agreed to let the kids come in the first place. Anyway, basically it means that she's getting $25/week of a break here, so the whole "I don't have the money" thing doesn't work for me. Oh, plus we are doing kindergarten and grade one, so it's not just they come and do nothing/play all day, they're getting private one-on-one education as well. DH is in full agreement that the money must be paid, and argues tooth and nail to get the money out of her too... the thing is, the situation the kids are in in their other care is not a good one, so we're sort-of trying to help SIL out and give the kids a more stable and happy environment at the same time.

We don't live with the inlaws... I flat out refused to do that. Unfortunately because of the way the prices for houses and things are around here, we're pretty much guaranteed to be living within a twenty minute drive even when we get our own house. Right now we're in an apartment that is ten mins from their house. MIL picks the kids up and drops them off regularly...
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