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May 5th, 2008, 06:10 AM
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The insurance we have (Anthem) flat out said that they don't know what/if they will pay. They said it is not excluded and it is not not excluded by our policy. The supervisor said sometimes they pay, sometimes they don't and there is no rhyme or reason. So my midwives joked that they'll have to be kind to the universe when they send in the bills. They billed for the first appointment to see what would happen. My midwives bill the insurance quite a bit more than they bill the moms in the hopes that a decent percentage gets covered. The first appointment for me (what I paid) was $100. They billed the insurance $250 and they allowed $168 of it and applied that to our deductible. So they are at least covering the prenatals. They had another mom recently that Anthem paid her homebirth so chances are we'll just have to pay the deductible (out of network is $1200, but we could possibly get an in-network exception making it half that much since there are no in-network homebirth midwives) and the co-pay for the rest. Our part should end up $1400 or 1500. The total is normally $2500.

Jamie changed jobs while I was pregnant with Fritz and the insurance refused to cover his birth at all (United Healthcare). Of course they worked really hard to not cover anything. My friend had a homebirth in December and has UHC and they covered a whopping $300.

When we had Cameron at a freestanding birthing center we had Alliance. They paid $800 of the $3600.

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