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May 5th, 2008, 12:51 PM
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WE had a home waterbirth wiht our second

Insurance didnt cover it only b/c I went with a lay (Unlicensed) MW. I had a licensed MW as an option, but preferred the lay midwife over her.

It cost us $1700 including everything. I bought my own birth tub for about $100 (the La Bassine from and we still use it to play in during the summer

Even if your insurance initially refuses to pay (up front or reimbursement) you can usually get it covered by appealing it - they dont really have a good solid reason to decline & a carefully worded letter citing research usually gets it covered (I know more than one person to have gotten it covered under a policy that otherwise didnt - at least 2 of them were BC/BS).

Either way, even wihtout our insurance covering it, it still cost less by the time I factored in copays, deductibles, our % that we had to pay for both the OB, hospital, and everything else (remember, they bill & you baby seperately in a hospital too!).

I loved my homebirth, I couldnt imagine doing it any other way now!


My BBT Chart

Baby Step #1 DONE ($1k in ER savings!)

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