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May 5th, 2008, 03:22 PM
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Those of you that have picked out names: Do you pick out specific combos, or do you just pick out first and middle names and switch them around?

We have lists of specific names, complete with first and middle.

hurry_up_BFP, I was thinking that you were one that didn't like to share your names, but, is the name you've picked out after someone, or just a name you all liked?

A couple of the middle names we have picked out (girls and boys) are after people. My mother's middle name is the middle name of one of the names for a girl, and DH's grandparents last name is one of the middle names for a boy.[/b]
We had a specific combo immediately. It was like BOOM - that's her name. (we say between us that she's telling us her name from another life with her, there's never been any question if we have a girl, that's her name. It took us about a year to come up with a back up name in case we have twins or two girls... and it will probably be ten years later for a boys name LOL)

Yeah, the middle name is after my great grandmother.
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