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February 14th, 2005, 11:07 AM
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I had 2 mc's and I was high risk after that. With Asha I was put on restricted duties from the moment I got the + test(we knew ahead of time that I would be on RD). That included no lifting over 10lbs, no sex, rest as much as possible. I was seen by the dr every week for the first 14weeks. I was sent to the city to see the perinatologist to do an US. I had to fight them for the US, but I got it. I was 11weeks and I had partial placenta previa(which isn't much concern at 11weeks but still something to watch and make sure it moves). I had a triple screen testing done at 14weeks to see if there was any indicator on what caused my mc's. From 14weeks-23 I went to the dr every 2 weeks. my contractions started at 14weeks but my dr didn't believe me until I was over 20weeks. From 23-28weeks I went every 3 weeks. Then I went 2 weeks until I hit 30weeks when my dr went on holidays. I saw another dr at 33weeks who told me I didn't need to come back in until my dr got back at 38weeks. I went anyhow. My bp had gone up around 28weeks but was back down by the time my dr got back. During labour was the worst time though. I could have easily had her without the dr because they couldn't get in touch with him but physically held off because emotionally I needed him there JIC something went wrong. I was off restricted duties at 36weeks.

With Nadia I shouldn't have been high risk because I had 1 term pg after my mc's. My dr saw me every 2 weeks anyhow. At 12weeks the contractions started again so I put myself on RD. I never told my dr until I was over 20weeks. At 24weeks they moved my edd back 2 weeks and talked about doing a 2nd us. I never questioned why. When I was 26weeks they did the GTT because I was showing every sign of pre-eclampsia except I had no protein in my urine. These signs can also be GD. I was officially put on restricted duties and no sex until 35weeks(the earliest they can deliver here because we have no neonatal). At 30weeks I fell and went into preterm labour, my cervix started becoming favourable for labour so I went on bed rest for a few days. At 34 1/2weeks we had sex and I started bleeding and went into preterm labour. I was on bedrest for a few days again and started NST's twice a week. At 37weeks they found decelerations in her heartrate. She was born at 42weeks with a knot in her cord that caused the decels.
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