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May 6th, 2008, 01:32 PM
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I knew I would run into this, and in the time that I've been researching and considering a home birth, I've tried to think of a good response to this question. In my mind, from what I know, I have no doubt I will be in good hands with a midwife. If something happens, a sudden emergency, I have confidence that my midwife will be able to diagnose that there is a problem and take quick action to be sure both me and the baby make it through the delivery healthy and safe. Unfortunately, that is the first thing that everyone says when mentioning a home birth. "What if there is an emergency?" I can run over the many different answers in my head, starting with midwives will be sure you are having an uncomplicated, healthy pregnancy, I always have the option to switch if I feel my midwife isn't diagnosing problems (doubtful that would happen though), and in labor, help is only a phone call away. I also know midwives carry plenty of equipement with them to use if needed and are very well trained, many started as OB nurses or have worked in hospitals prior to training in midwifery.
Am I on track here? How do you respond to that question? Unfortunately, I will still have those that completely doubt me and the whole process, which I will have to have a thick skin about (I have had to in every other aspect of my parenting). I just want to be able to respond in a way that will help people understand that the whole process is far from "dangerous".
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