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May 6th, 2008, 03:27 PM
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I talked to my midwife briefly about this. She seemed to not want to talk about it at this point because I am so early on and who knows if I will go overdue. I pressed the issue a bit, and she simply walked me through what would happen if I went overdue (or if I decided to or need to be transfered to the hospital during labor) Who would be there as support, and how post-partum care would go. I love my midwife. She is great, and I trust her a lot, but I also understand that she is bound by certain laws that allow her to practice.

I was induced at 41 weeks with DD, and had a horrible experience. I do not want to be induced, and I do not want a hospital birth unless absolutely necessary - meaning something is life-threatening.

I am worried that I will go overdue again, and short of natural induction methods - which I will give a try once I hit 40 weeks - I am not sure how to avoid being induced. If I refuse to be induced will my midwife still be legally allowed to deliver me at home? I am open to an unassisted home birth, but DF is wary about it and would likely want me to be induced instead of doing that. I might be able to change his mind, but I'm not counting on that.

I plan on talking to my midwife about this in more depth at my next appointment.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or personal experiences?
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