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February 14th, 2005, 01:05 PM
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Originally posted by kita@Feb 12 2005, 05:34 PM
hello all. my name is Erika, but you can call me Kita. I'm 17. I'll be 18 this May. I found out allmost two months ago that I am pregnant. Yes, it was unplanned. Everyone thinks that I should get an abortion but I can't! It's against everything that I believe in. My parents even got really mad when I told them what other people think. They want me to keep it....and I am! To me, abortion is murder. This pregnancy has made me relize that I really don't have any friends. No one but my parents is supporting my decision. It's hard!
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I am glad that it so easy for you to make that decision. Unfortunately it is not so easy for everyone else. To you abortion may be murder and for some it is the only option. I am pro-choice. I would rather if one had an abortion then brought a baby in to the world and was not able to take care of it properly. Everyone has the right to choose. And believe me abortion is a very difficult decision to make but sometimes it has to be made. I raised a child on my own and it was very hard, but I think it is harder for me to see daily how much she misses having a father in her life. I would never want to raise another child without the father present. The pain when I watch her sometimes in unbearable.
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