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May 7th, 2008, 07:40 AM
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Hey ladies,

Yesterday, I decided to test since I've been having pretty bad mood swings and my mom mentioned to me that I have been "more sensitive than usual." I tested with an Equate (+/-), and I got a very faint +, and was surprised. I figured it might have been a fluke. so I tested again with FMU this morning, and I got this:

Regular Test

Inverted Test

DH thinks I am nuts, he says he "might see a very faint line"...and of course, I hate to get his hopes up (and mine for that matter)...

I know I should wait a couple of days and test again and see what happens...But I am so overly anxious -- I had the worst nights sleep last night thinking about testing again this morning. Oh, and did I mention I have very irregular periods so I have absolutely no idea what DPO I might be?
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