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February 14th, 2005, 03:42 PM
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Ya see, heres the thing...Yes, my parents support me. They support my decisions and would help me out with anything that they could but I can't live with either of them and be pregnant...
My father takes care of his very old mom. They live in a two bedroom apartment. And my dad is a cat LOVER!!! He has like 17 cats. No joke!! A cat lover too the fullest.
My mom has an okay house in Dundalk......right next to the ###### plant. Eck! AND to top it all off, she dosnt have hot water or heat. The thingy broke and when the guy came to fix it, he told my mom that it was wwaayy too old. It just.....died. And my mom dosnt have the money to buy a new....whatever it is.

Its a lose-lose situation. I'm screwed either way...
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